The Event

A journey from Stillness to Opening to the Creative Impulse

  • Using breath practices to journey deep into the body experience of subtle energies. 

  • Inspirational, energetic readings from The Radiance Sutras, a beautiful poetic translation of the Vijñāna Bhairava by Lorin Roche. 

  • Using music and chanting to enhance the experience of energy in the body.

  • Using voice and sounding to express the upwelling energy and feeling the vibrations in the body.

  • Creating a dynamic field of energy that nourishes and transforms the body. 

  • A dynamic, love-filled field to share with our greater community and the world.

Story of the Temple of Agape   

   An experience I had many years ago in which I asked myself "what would I want to do regardless of time, money, education, age, etc" The answer came in the form of a vision of myself in a beautiful temple space as the priestess holding space for pilgrims to come for healing. My mind shot back with the comment, "yeah right, how it that going to happen in this time and culture?"

   Well, many years later I find myself in just that position. I have a small temple space in my home and have been welcoming pilgrims for 10 years. We call ourselves the Temple of Agape Sangha. During that time my wisdom and ability to hold space has growth and feeling a strong impulse to share our practices with a larger community. 

   Our practices don't follow any strict format or dogma. Each meeting offers a space for each participant to bring just where they are in their journey and sit in an intensified energy space to witness themselves and offer their heart to the benefit of all beings. Our practices grew from everyone's experience which include Wicca, Tantra, Native American, Buddhism, Hinduism and many more, and have woven a multicolored tapestry which includes everything. All is welcome here. The guidelines around crosstalk and fixing are the only things I hold firmly. 

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