About Deena

Young at heart,
dancing and singing
brings me joy.
Elder wisdom, holding space and empowering others...
my gift.
The Designer
I have always have had a passion for creating beauty. Whether it is creating harmonious settings, altars, or putting images and words together to create engaging websites or flyers...I find it fun and exciting when the desired result it achieved. After years of creating fun images for family, I decided to take classes in Graphic Design, Typography, Photoshop and Web Design. Never a great student in my youth, I found myself loving the classes and finding a skill I loved. Worked as an independent  for several years, then got a job working as web and graphic designer for KRCB TV & Radio for 13 years. 
Now working on my own again and fully recovered from hip replacement surgery, I am
ready to get to work again! What excites me most these days is co-creating with others. We sit together and I use my skills as a sensitive space-holder to feel into the energy and intention of what you are desiring to convey in your  project. Capturing the energy of you and your work, we create together something beautiful.
Let's play together! Let's create together!
The Artist
I don't really consider myself a "painter." I consider myself someone who is learning to listen and trust the process.

Two years ago I was looking for a creative outlet. The many things I had done in the past where no longer calling me. I had done beading, machine knitting, sewing, and collage. The opportunity came to learn painting with a women who was a dear friend and two other friends. We have been painting together every week for 3 hours. What started as a simple creative outlet, 3 1/2 years later has become a powerful spirit journey, sometimes the paintings creating themselves. Yes, I did learn some technique, but the greatest magic happened when messages came through the paintings that challanged me to embody the energy, to recognize that this being is a part of me. 

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